Birthday Loot!

Hi friends!

I was really lucky to get away to San Francisco this week to help my best friend from high school move up there. Unfortunately, I was and still am suffering from a head cold that isn’t treating me very nicely. That kind of put a hamper on my enjoyment. Fortunately, my two best friends form college are in the Bay Area. So for my birthday, I got to gather my friends for a dinner in the city. I was so grateful to see a friend I hadn’t seen since graduation. And I also made new friends, making our little party a grand affair.

My friends are so great. One of my new friends picked the restaurant and set up the whole dinner situation, which was beyond my capability with limited internet, and no idea of where I was in the city most of the time. My high school friend acted as a great liaison and tour guide as we wandered through the Castro and the Mission, and of course, hit up Union Square for some shopping. K got me a really cute skirt that I can’t wait to wear out soon. It just screams Ayesha! And my best friend in the whole world, C, knows me so well. She got me, wait for it…BOOKS! Of course she did.

This was perfect as I had just finished Little Bee, and was craving some new reading. She got me Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor’s Traveling With Pomegranates, a mother-daughter journey book, and Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. But the best book she got me was a book that I really wanted, but would never get myself: A Wedding Planning Binder! I love planning, comparison lists, and guides. And here it all is, in one glorious binder that I will fill with my budget-conscious bridal thoughts and plans. Plus, she chose the budget-conscious binder! How awesome is that? This is exactly why I call this girl my best friend. She knows me so well.

I am excited for my birthday treasures, and really love that I got to be in a vibrant city for my birthday. I’m glad to be home, and I can’t wait to be cold-free.


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