Bogged-Down Bibliophile

Sorry to have left you for so long. The good news is that I feel much better than I did a few days ago. It was one of those days where everything seemed to impact me so much more.

I finished The Secret Life of Bees, and not to leave it so abruptly, I am also going to watch the movie to kind of culminate the whole experience. I suppose some thoughts are in order right now. Mother figures, community, writing, and rebirth. Obviously, I won’t just leave it at that, but I need to gather more of my thoughts.

If I seem scatter-brained, it’s because I have wedding on the brain, and that’s not going away. I have gone from ridiculously excited to unwarranted stress ball to complete and utter relief in periods of two hours. It’s all I can talk about, think about, and research. I am not very fun right now. I even cleaned my bathroom to procrastinate wedding planning. And the worst part is it’s so far away that I’m stressing over possibilities and not definite problems. Reading is very much needed as is journal writing and blog posting, just to think about something else. Anything driving you crazy right now?


One response

  1. If you ever want to vent about wedding planning problems, go ahead and give me a holler. My family made the process so stressful and probably not in the ways everyone thinks. Every wedding planning process is different and I’m sure yours is no exception. You’ve got lots of time (even if you don’t feel like you do).

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