Off the Beaten Path

***Glee spoiler alert!***

I would just like to take the time to express my feelings about tonight’s episode of Glee. The show tackled questions of spirituality so tastefully and touchingly that I feel compelled to comment.

Firstly, I thought the first scene was hilarious with Finn seeing Jesus in his grilled cheese sandwich! And every time Finn prayed, it was funny, but so similar to anyone praying for the first time. Where do you begin? How do you begin? Finn spoke so candidly with the Cheese (“they’re still girl boobs, and I’d like to touch them”) that I think he did pretty well. Not that I can judge how anyone talks to God, Allah, Nature, or any other higher being, but I can appreciate it, right?

Secondly, I was very emotionally invested in the Hummel storyline. In light of the recent teen suicides, I felt like Kurt had a very justified feeling about Christianity because that’s what he had been exposed to.* But he let those feelings get in the way of his friends helping in the ways they knew how. However, he was able to find what he did believe in, which was family. When my grandmother was in the hospital, unconscious, I couldn’t do anything but pray. And I couldn’t be anywhere but with my family. Also, his rendition of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” had me in lots of tears because that song was unexpected, yet perfect. As well as Rachel’s take on Barbara.

Thirdly, the show featured great moments from the whole cast. The show felt like it was going back to a collaborative effort rather than a psycho one-character per episode only deal. Mercedes, Sue, Quinn, Rachel, Finn, Puck, Emma…good stuff.

Lastly, “One of Us” is probably one of my favorite songs. Poor Joan Osborne could never recover, but her song has been used and covered several times, which always makes me happy when I hear it, particularly as the Joan of Arcadia theme song, and redone in Glee.

There, I cried a lot. I felt a lot, and I just had to jump on my blog to tell you about it. I may venture into TV blogging because I watch TV much more regularly, but I feel you would judge me when you saw how much TV I actually do watch. And I’m hoping to appear more intellectual than I actually am. Haha. We’ll see. I’m a constant work-in progress.

*I want to express my dearest hope that each and every person can feel loved more than hurt. Ending hurt with hurt does not rid the world of pain. I believe in love and know there are better days ahead.


3 responses

  1. I know there are going to be haters for this comment, but….

    I think Glee has jumped the shark. It was last week, in fact. I do agree that this last episode was a little more serious than most, but this show is continually losing me.

    I want to laugh out loud when the recap plays at the very beginning of each show. It’s like, “So here’s what you missed… Kurt has a dad. Remember? Oh… and remember like, seven months ago when we spent one episode developing Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom’s relationship? Yeah… they’re still dating. And now, Lea Michelle is going to take it away with some Streisand!”

    It’s sort of THAT random, wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes there’s not even coherence between scenes!

    No matter how serious this episode was, in the previous episode, they were semi-condoning medical highs as a means of achieving “great, Britney hallucinations.” Are you kidding me?!? Talk about random… they threw their show out the window with that Britney episode! Let’s hope it gets better…

    • Yeah, I didn’t care for the Britney episode that much either. I think I posted about this episode because it was such a turnaround form the recent episodes. So, I’m hoping that this week’s episode is a turning point. But you never know. They are really random. But wasn’t high school kind of that random too?

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