Frozen? Inspired?

Upon finishing reading The Secret Life of Bees, I felt frozen. I couldn’t write about it. I didn’t think I could write about the book, or what I was feeling. Mostly because, I didn’t know what I was feeling. So, to stall, I decided to rent the movie. What a great idea. I got to visualize the story, and I got to revisit the book through what the movie couldn’t do. and I walked away with two blog posts. I’ll focus on just the book tonight.

I was sad when the book was over. I took so much time to read the second time, and I paused several times to reflect on the big and little moments. And one thing I walked away with was reliving the story the way it was written, and not how I remember it read in my memory. The book played out one way in my head, and it played out the original way in Kidd’s writing. Revisiting the book allowed me to remember the movement, the plot, and the emotion in the order it was meant to be. And again, knowing Kidd’s inspirations and real-life touches truly helped me to feel even more submerged in the story.

I walk a fine line by saying what I just said about memory and story. Isn’t it my right to remember the book as I do? Or is it that, I feel this book so impactful that I don’t want to mar it by my thoughts. Maybe, I was just annoyed because I have an awesome memory and I didn’t remember exactly how it went, and that bugged me. Maybe, Kidd, in this book, specifically and single handedly, has swept me off my feet and mind in reading, and I can’t imagine how it could possibly be any way else. Seriously, you guys, I’m in love with this work of Kidd’s and need to read more by her. She gets me to write, and feel so much; Feel so much that I am frozen in my thoughts and feelings about the book until this moment when I can’t stop writing and thinking.

From the first page to the last second of the special feature package included in the DVD, I can’t help but see several connections and several stories. Something relates to my writing, to blogging, to interactions, to history, to music even. All from this one story that is so far away from my life. With The Namesake, I was invested because so much of my life was in it.

Crazy. I tried to stay organized in my thoughts, so I apologize for lack of that, and for the length of this post. I couldn’t help myself.

Has any piece of writing really grabbed you like that? Did it take you by surprise? Memory reading? Anything? I’m on blogging fire!


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