A Kid in a Candy Store (Literary Candy!)

Oh, joy of joys! I have great news to share with you all! I got hired by not only one, but two of my favorite stores: Banana Republic and (drum roll, please) Barnes and Noble!!!

What could be better than working among books and people who love books and selling books to people who want to buy books? BOOKS! (Just threw that one in there for the kicker.) I am so excited because this job which starts off as part-time could become full-time, and who knows, maybe 10 years down the line and an MBA later, I could be like a B&N exec! Whew, got ahead of myself there for a second. Breathe.

Do you know how many movies are made about booksellers that are on the verge of losing their business?

Like this one?

This one?

And this one!

*A special kudos to the person that can name all these films!

The digital e-reader revolution is upon us, and books will slowly become a thing of the past, even the bookstore moguls may not be able to keep up. But I know too many people, myself included, that love the feel, smell, and flexibility of a real book, and who would be reluctant leaving books entirely out in the cold. I hope that companies and publishers expand and keep up with the revolution, but stay true to the good old paper and print.

I start next week, and hope that I can maintain my reading schedule and post a couple of times a week, as I try to now. At least, with the help of my other job, I will look entirely stylish doing it. =)


4 responses

  1. Congrats to you!!!! i am somewhat ashamed, but i have to ask what the name of the last movie is…You’ve got mail and Notting Hill were givens, but i don’t recognize the last picture. SHAME.

    Again, I am so excited for you to start your new job. I wish you the best!

  2. How awesome is that!? To read books you love and get paid to tell people your opinions on them 😉 I went to Barnes and Noble in New York last year around Christmas time and this man randomly approached me and pointed out a book by Andreas Wagner call Paradoxial Life. I love those spontaneous moments when you make an intellectually stimulating conversation with someone in a bookstore! Anyhow, he told me he was a biochemist professor and he pointed out this book by Andreas Wagner called Paradoxical Life. As soon as I got the book, he went round the corner of the bookshelf and disappeared! Very Spooky but very true, ask Logon! That book has remained to be my favourite read and I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of reading this book without assistant from an enthusiast. All the best with your new job Ayesha, congratulations! Please pass my regards to Eric and I hope he has a chance to read this book too!


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