A Great Fit

Today was orientation at B&N. I left the store with such a dorky smile because I already LOVE my job!

Seriously! You know how every retail job has a corny video about the history and standards of the company and all that? That didn’t even bother me. The orientation went really quickly once all the paperwork was done. And it was a four hour orientation! During the tour, I felt like I already knew the store layout well, since I hung out there a lot as a teenager and whenever I went home in the past four years.

The perks are great, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about them, so I’ll keep my lips zipped until I know if I can or not. Also, the people are really nice, and all seem like they truly enjoy working there, and if they don’t, they keep a generally pleasant attitude. We were having our orientation in the break room, so people were coming in and out for their breaks. I got a really good feel for the environment, and I’m excited to start early next week.

This job is a great fit, and I am definitely looking forward to the perks, and the new people! Huzzah!


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