Temporary Insomniac

I read or write before bed every night. It calms me, helps me reflect on my day, and helps me get to sleep. This is especially helpful when I am at my parent’s house, in my room that has become a linen storage closet, with a mish-mash of linens on my bed that are different every time. (What? Who is sleeping in my bed when I’m not there? And why do they feel the need to haphazardly change the sheets just because there are stacks of them in my room? Why can’t there just be one set of sheets that match on my bed?!)

Anyways, my point is that I read or write to get situated. Well, as you might notice, it is past 1 AM my time, almost 2, in fact. Most of those that know me are probably surprised I am up this late, because I usually zonk out by 11. Well, not this week. This week, my current read, The Red Tent, is sitting on my mish-mash bed at home. It got left behind in my last haphazard trip home for interviews.

I could have just started a new book because I have plenty to read, but I don’t want to betray or compromise the experience of reading my current book. I could write, but to be honest with you, I made 10 scrapbook pages today, and that kind of handmade reflecting was enough for me today.

So, I blog. And I’m hoping that this will center me into a deep sleep. The good news is orientation for B&N is tomorrow, so I can go home, get my book, and sleep at a better hour more regularly. Work will exhaust me enough though. Barnes and Nobles are open until 11! Eeeek! I hope I get to open a lot.

Do you guys depend on books to take you to dreamland? Good night!


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