Having little money means just dealing with cravings by not indulging them.

I have had a craving for a donut for weeks. I know, it’s just a donut. Why not just go and get a donut? I just can’t justify getting one. I can’t afford the calories or the money. (It’s less than a dollar) I think I’ve built up this donut in my head so much that if I get one, it’s not going to live up to my expectations. Or, what if I love it? Then, will I want one everyday? I can’t do that!

And it doesn’t help that fiancé has been watching The Simpsons constantly.

They have donuts in EVERY episode!

This has nothing to do with reading, except for the fact that a donut would be very complementary to a cup of tea on an afternoon that I could curl up with a good book. Mmmmm. I am trying to remain strong, and not give in.

Any cravings getting you lately?


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