Holiday Recap

Hi all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’m sorry to have abandoned you during the holidays. I’m sure you were just as busy as I was and didn’t have the time to read, just as I didn’t. I thought of you readers often though, as I opened a page of my book and immediately fell asleep. Having two retail jobs during Christmas really kicked my you-know-what.

I enjoyed my Christmas so much! Even though my only day off for two weeks was Christmas day, it was a welcome change of pace. I was so happy to be giving both my families gifts, and it was the first engaged Christmas for fiancé E and me. I’m sure you can guess that most of my loved ones got books for Christmas, as did I. But you want to know what my biggest gift was?

A nook by Barnes and Noble!

Yes, I am now a proud owner of a nook. And I am quite happy so far. I haven’t entirely abandoned books. I will never be able to do that really. I am currently reading classics on nook. I will eventually move into reading those quick reads on my list that are good, but that I don’t need to own. I still have a couple of paperbacks sitting on my shelf that need to be read, and a hardcover that I’ve borrowed from work to read. So, I am easing into the ereader life, and I am loving it.

Other than that, I have been working. And I have a post coming up on my New Year’s resolutions. I hope you all had a wonderful set of holidays, and are starting off you new year well!


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