Review, Renew

As promised, my goals for 2011:


  1. Gain full-time employment. In other words, get a big girl job, and survive despite having to pay a ridiculous amount of money on student loans, and saving for a wedding.
  2. Become a healthier me. Wedding bells are only the start. My burly fiancé wants to make sure that if he is injured and trapped on a mountain, I will be able to carry him to safety. No joke. This is one of his main concerns.
  3. Meet my educational goal. I am not yet ready to share this new detail of my life, but I have finally decided on a career goal.
  4. Blog more frequently and more effectively. I am learning that this is a process, but I am hoping to make more time to read and to write. The blog is now 1 book, 1 post. And that seems to work. I have other blogging goals, such as starting a wedding blog in the hopes of becoming a blogger on a famous wedding blog forum. That would be awesome. I would feel famous. And, once again,  I’m getting ahead of myself.


2011 is going to be fantastic. 2010 was a ride, but 2011 is going famously so far, and I am going to be a Positive Patty. Get ready!


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