Update on 2011 Goal Progress

Firstly, thanks to a suggestion from Tiger Lily at Raging Reception, I just made another attempt at reading. I went to my reading place, my bedroom, and took another stab at Shanghai Girls. After a chapter finished, I was so proud of myself, and genuinely interested in the story. I’m still not at my normal reading pace, but I’ll get there soon. I’m working less now that the holidays are over, so I’ll have plenty of time to read again.

I have been working on those goals I mentioned a few days ago. How, you ask?

Shaping up- E’s birthday was this week, and my gift to him was a gym membership. The gym guy was nice enough to give me a free month pass, so we can work out together! My body hurts from our workouts, but I feel great otherwise.

Job Search- I’m happy right now, but I have my eyes and ears open for any potential opportunities.

Closet Clean-out- I have three days in a row off. That means my closet is getting an overhaul.

Blogging- I just started a wedding blog, but for it to be even remotely relevant, I need to start planning.

You nice blog readers are keeping me accountable! Thanks! Have a great week!


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