Late Nights

You know the problem with blogging about books you’ve read?

You have to make time to read books, and also, care enough about those reads to write. I apologize for being in a negative mood lately. No one wants to read a negative blog. And I don’t blame you if you’ve stopped reading for this reason (or any other reason, really.)

I am done with the holiday rush, which unfortunately, means that I am down one job, and in my remaining job, I am down to the bare minimum of hours available. This not-so-unexpected stress has made me dive back into obsessing over weddings and job-hunting. Also, it has led me to dipping into my Christmas chocolate more than once a day. But I do need to make room for Valentine’s Day chocolate.

Unfortunately, it has not motivated me to read or actively seek out titles to read. I was lucky to read more than a few good books in a row, making the following two only so-so in my mind. I am now reading Freedom by Johnathan Franzen. A customer got me interested in it, so I borrowed it from work. And I have to say, early in the process, I like it a lot so far. I hope that this will motivate me again to make time for myself that is pleasurable. After this book, The Hunger Games trilogy. There has been much buzz, and I have downloaded it onto my nook. So, it’s coming up.

I will be back. I promise. And I will turn my mood around. I will still keep eating chocolate, though. All can not be recovered.

An honest thank you for reading and sticking this out with me.


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