Now For a Serious Review…

of the movie kind.

Now, I’m not saying I’m a film aficionado. But I think I can discern that some films are better than others for particular reasons. Truth be told, the only movie I saw over the holidays was The King’s Speech, three times! So, when I went to see No Strings Attached yesterday, I wanted to see something else, something lighthearted and sweet, with a happy ending. It was fine, but not perfect.

The idea that friends can just have sex without the complication of a relationship already is a problem, because what do you call a friendship? A friendship is a relationship! What the heck? Friends get jealous. Friends need time. When you throw sex into a friendship, it’s a romantic relationship, no matter how much you want to argue with me. Who would want to be in a romance with someone they’re not friends with?

I know. I know. A romantic comedy with a predictable story line? How ridiculous is that? I’m just kidding. I wasn’t expecting a work of art, but I have seen other movies that really get to the depth of the characters while still being funny and enjoyable. This didn’t do it for me. I certainly laughed a lot. And I adore Natalie Portman. And Ashton Kutcher is proving to be the reliable sweet guy, as evidenced by this film and Valentine’s Day. For me it’s a maybe.

I suggest waiting for the DVD or even the Netflix instant play, which it will no doubt end up in.


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