Great Deal!

Hello my fellow book lovers!

There is a great deal through Groupon right now that offers a $20 Barnes and Noble Gift Card for only $10!

Now, I’m going to let you in on a few things. First, you need to use the gift card before April 11, or it will depreciate to $10. But who can hold on to a B&N gift card for that long? Secondly, the coupon is good at, and is also good on nookbooks, or e-books. Thirdly, Groupon says that you must use the whole $20 in one transaction, but that’s incorrect. Any remaining balance will be put on a gift card for you to use whenever, because once it’s on that gift card, it doesn’t expire or depreciate. BUT you can’t buy a gift card with your Groupon. Don’t get greedy, people.

So, I am encouraging you to go to the link I have above, and shop for books. Mostly because that guarantees that I still have a job for a little while longer, and because who doesn’t like a discount on books?

Hurry! The offer ends on Sunday, or as soon as they sell out.


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