Retail Rant

So, last week, I was ready to go into work. I hadn’t worked in the morning in a long while, which I really like. I had just closed the night before so I had an idea of what I had to do the next day. And I dressed in yellow, an optimistic color. It was sort of a military coat dress that E’s mom got me for Christmas when I saw it in Kohl’s while we were shopping. Think Sgt. Pepper’s jackets, but cuter. Whatever, I felt good about the way I looked, and the bright color. I thought it would exude positivity and my day would go well. Oh, how I was wrong.

For every five nice customers, there was one remarkably rude one. And then not so rude, really, but just a funny story regarding my outfit.

1. Lady’s phone kept ringing, and it wasn’t her fault. She was trying to ignore the call, but whoever was calling her didn’t get the concept of voicemail. So, she took the call, and didn’t say “Let me call you back in a few minutes.” No, in Tagalog, (which she didn’t realize I understand), she had her conversation while paying for her book, and leaving. Annoying. She could have handled that differently.

2. I am helping a customer. Girl walks up, and in a rude tone asks, “Is there someone who can help me find a book?” And I say, “Hang on just a second. As soon as I’m done helping this customer, I’ll page someone to Customer Service for you.” Her response, “And where is that?” I point back to the BIG sign that says ‘Customer Service.’ “Just right over there. And then I page someone. Apparently when she got to the info desk, she took a look up at the sign and then gave a rude look to one of the managers that was there. And they got her the book in like 5 seconds! Then she comes back to the cashwrap, and I ask if she found what she was looking for in a polite, customer service tone, and she passively nods, and swipes her card, and that’s it. Her whole demeanor irked me.

3. So, I’m wearing this cute yellow dress, and every once in a while, a customer or co-worker says something about the color. I’m feeling good, because, normally, I wear a pair of slacks and a sweater. This customer walks up and compliments my dress and the color. Then, she asks, in exact words, “Is that a traditional garment?”

Hold the phone. What?!

I kind of look at her for a second while I’m scanning the books, and I say, haltingly, “Um, no, it was gift, from Christmas.” And she goes, “I just thought it was from…well, whatever, it’s nice.” OMG. The dress looked nothing like a sari or a fotowa. And I have worn a couple of those tops to work. Even the fabric was nowhere near the materials from India. My friends and I had a laugh about it off the clock, and I said something to the effect of “It’s from Kohl’s, B*$%^.” Or maybe I said it in those exact words. I was off the clock! And I was annoyed at this one day of weird and rude customers.

Oh, stories from retail. I know I have tons from every single day at work. But I think I had such a vision of that day being nice and positive that I was totally overthrown by how rude people can be. And clueless about “traditional garments.” My rant for the day. Be nice to your booksellers. Thank you.


4 responses

  1. I am always amazed by the audacity of some people. I am sure you looked lovely, and cheery, and I want to see the dress. Still, my favorite line of your post is nearly the last: be nice to booksellers. Amen.

  2. People are so crazy! Great blog 🙂 I actually have one similar, except it’s about working in fast food and ranting about all the stupid people and annoyances that go along with it. I’m a journalism student at SDSU and I actually have a paper due today that I’m required to do an email interview for, and I’d really appreciate some feedback from you!

    They are really short questions and you’d be a life saver, shoot me and email if you’re interested in helping me out 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

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