And We Reach the End…

I finished Mockingjay, and consequently,  finished the Hunger Games trilogy. I apologize in advance that this review may seem pedantic. I couldn’t just tell you all the things I liked about this book, so I focused on overall story and writing in order to avoid spoiling everything.

For your visual memory

A friend told me that the two books following Hunger Games read slower than the original did. And she was right. Mockingjay did take longer to read than Catching Fire and The Hunger Games. However, I thought what Mockingjay lacked in action, it more than made up for in political storyline. It was successful in plot twists. But it played the love triangle bit a bit too much. Katniss, the eternal rebel, does not pledge allegiance easily, and a twist certainly arises at a very crucial moment.

Collins is successful in writing a politically-driven series that appeals to many audiences, but is accessible to young people too. (This sounds so much like an essay) I can only halfway approve of the ending. I wish it wasn’t as blasé in style, but I suppose that given the characters’ experiences, a happy ending can only be half-hearted at best.

Overall, I recommend this series to anyone who is looking for an easy, yet exciting and enjoyable, read. It’s refreshing that there are new writers popping up all the time with new ideas and stories to share. I can’t wait until the next phenomenon in writing, unless it involves vampires. I don’t do vampires.


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