Could I Be…?

Could I be a best-selling author? Would someone read a book by me? I mean, would you really?

Could I even sit down and focus for long enough to write a book? How many people write books that never see the light of day. Isn’t that why Julie Powell started her Julia Child project?

E and I went out for a post-Valentine’s dinner. Going out to dinner is a treat because we get to focus on each other and talk. I even got E to focus and contribute to a wedding conversation. At some point, he revisited the idea of me writing a book. I was surprised, but happy for his vote of confidence.

But what would I write a book about? Not a lot of people read my blog, so who would read a book by me? I guess if all ends well, I could write a book about the first year out of college, and how tumultuous it’s been. Guess how many W-4’s I got in the mail this January? 4. I didn’t even realize I held that many jobs. Certainly, a lot of people could relate to it, but isn’t there a book like that already? Do I have a voice people want to hear/read? Or do I actually want to go to grad school for history and get my Ph. D? That requires writing a book. And my mantra to my professors any time they brought up grad school was, “I don’t want to write a book.” *Officially eating my words.* This is going to be an interesting ride, but now, while I have the time, why not try to get out all the tension and onto a page, and just write? I’m writing everyday as it is, for blogs. There’s no reason I can’t add another outlet. Why not, right?

First Camping Trip! + It's snowing?! + Let's do this! = Extreme optimism

Maybe I could. I could be a writer. Extreme optimism provided by the movie Spirit of the Marathon, which I watched today and cried over. You can do anything you put your mind to, and a book might just be my metaphorical marathon.


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