How to Cure a Crushed Spirit

This weekend, I am trying to stay warm in Idyllwild while not thinking about the “worst storm California has seen in years. Potential to snow in Santa Clarita, Redlands and sea-level San Francisco!” What?!

I was in a bad funk at the beginning of the week. Really bad. Everything was getting to me. I couldn’t read anything. I didn’t want to write anything, and I just felt depressed. Now, I am hoping you guys don’t think this is a normal occurrence for me. I have been going through a complex web of emotions lately, and end up fighting myself and putting myself down more than being productive. So, today, while I am sequestered, I have been as productive as my eyes can handle looking at computer screens. I count reading in productivity, because it inspires me to write.

Um, no thanks

Today, I had some leftover BN gift card money, and nothing cures my depression like a mini shopping trip, without even having to leave the couch or taking anything out of my bank account! YAY! And to top it off, I decided to buy fun reads: Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, My Life in France by Julia Child and her nephew, and the Book Thief by Markus Zusak. And with my nook, I had instant mostly happy reads. The past few books I’ve read have been a little laborious, but enjoyable. I needed straight-up easy and comical. That’s what my girl, Sophie Kinsella, is great at. I’m sad that this is the last book of hers that I haven’t read. But today, all I did was pick up the nook and start, and I couldn’t stop.

No, I didn’t finish the book in one sitting. But I got through four chapters, loved it and can’t wait to read more. Thanks Sophie for the lightheartedness. Her heroines are always a bit of a train wreck, but so endearing. I think part of me likes to read her when I’m depressed because the heroine’s life always seems a bit more of a wreck than mine, but so much more amusing.

The only non-violent image I could find under Google image search "funny train wreck"... So many photos of Lindsay Lohan though, *shudder*

She helps. Sophie makes me want to curl up with chocolate and a cup of tea, and instantly works her magic on me. Thanks Sophie. Now, if you could only magically turn up the heat around me so that I wouldn’t be freezing my toes off!


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