And the Oscar goes to…

Oscar weekend is upon us. That gets me pretty excited. It’s something that my family always watched on that Sunday night in February. The glitz, the glamour, the awkward “Shut up and get off the stage, you’ve had your moment!” music. And especially the winners!

Now, this year’s Oscar race has turned out to be pretty interesting, because originally, it seemed that the winners at the Golden Globes would sweep the whole awards season. But no, in an interesting turn of events, including Melissa Leo awkwardly campaigning for Oscar votes and The Kings Speech overtaking the early fave The Social Network (both movies I really like), the show’s big awards will still contain an element of suspense.

But, I will say there is one category I’m not at all concerned about. Aaron Sorkin will win the Academy Award for the Best Adapted Screenplay. I’ve always been a fan of his sharp, witty writing and his command of the English language (hello West Wing). I hope that The Social Network pulls at least one other big win because it appeals to younger audiences, but Oscar voters tend to love a story about overcoming a roadblock (and it’s Colin Firth!). The Social Network may be seen as indulging in youth culture and instant gratification. Oh, boohoo, boy wonder has trouble making friends, so he makes a s&*%ton of money changing the way the world communicates.

You know what the best thing about this year’s Oscar race is? Every movie included in the Best Picture race (all ten of them) was entertaining and worthwhile. I feel like I’m more involved because I actually believe in most of them, and will probably be happy whether either of the two aforementioned films wins. Even if The Fighter or The Kids Are All Right pulls it off, I’ll be happy. So in some way, it’s not a very exciting Oscar race because there’s a lot more love than controversy, but I’d rather watch a show praising movies I liked rather than movies that I couldn’t care less about.

Plus James Franco and Anne Hathaway are hosting! Young, hot people who are also good actors! Let’s do this, Oscar. I’ll see you at the Kodak. Or on my little TV screen.


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