I’m Going to Participate, Too!

So, today is Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday, a day to indulge before 40 days of self-discipline. Pretty similar to Ramadan. I’m not Catholic. But I think I could do with some spiritual cleansing. And really, I don’t think you have to give up anything. I would like to think that we can take up a discipline to enforce a good habit for beyond the Lenten season. With all that being said, I have come up with some realistic goals for myself.

1. Work on a puzzle, such as a crossword or Sudoku every morning. My hope is that I get used to spending at least an hour away from a computer screen every morning, and allow myself to exercise my brain instead of checking my Facebook.

2. Read or hand-write every evening for at least an hour before bed. Again, this is to end my day away from a computer or television screen. This will also help with more private and open self reflection.

3. Start Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown. I’ve never tried yoga before. It would be a real exercise for me (mentally and physically), I think.

These are my goals. I’ve read a lot recently about spending time away from screens. We have been taken over by having the Internet accessible in so many ways. I just need to step away from that and worry less about who is reading my blogs, what wedding inspirations I can work with, and what everyone else is doing. I will not ward off the Internet entirely, but m hope is that I will be much more productive with what I choose to do because my time will be limited significantly. Either that or I will have to wake up much earlier and go to bed much later!


One response

  1. Hey gurl!! I totally agree! I AM Catholic, and I will be giving up all soda and alcohol, but like you, I am doing it more because of a need for spiritual cleansing and re-dedication to my goals that I set at the beginning of the year.

    ALSO, the MAIN reason I am commenting–Jillian Yoga Meltdown is AMAZING!! I love it so much!! It’s not traditional yoga, but it’s a really fabulous way to get used to the poses and develop strength and confidence. I’ve been trying to do it 1-2 times a week (sometimes as much as 5 times!) since October(ish), and now I feel really good going into regular yoga classes at 24 hour fitness. Have fun!!

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