Questions of the Day

A few questions that have been on my very distracted mind today:

1. What will I make for dinner?

2. Why can’t I just do my own spacing on this resume building website?

3. Will this be the application that gets me a job?

4. How have I been so lucky to make such great friends?

5. Why am I hung up on Paris? I’m reading 3 or 4 books in a row that have to do with Paris in some way or another.

6. If I have work at 7:30, and it takes an hour and ten to get there, how long can I read for until I absolutely must get ready?

7. What will I make for lunch?

I think I should maybe take care of food first. Then, I will contemplate these other mysteries/first world problems. Or maybe just forget about them because I’ve finally let them out into the Intrwebz to be contemplated by others. Yes, that’s a good idea. Book reading time!


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