A Note

To preface this: The other night, in frustration, one of my family members said that we were such a “dysfunctional family.” And I got to thinking:

I think that “dysfunctional family” is an outdated and obsolete term. After reading a lot of books, watching too much TV and too many movies, I don’t think it means anything to say that your family is dysfunctional. Family is family. Every family is made up of people and relationships. I don’t think there are any close relationships that don’t suffer some kind of strain. People aren’t perfect, and every family goes through some kind of “non-normal.” And because we love each other, we disagree, argue, and work through things. Eventually the idea of normalcy changes, and we adapt. I haven’t met the Cleavers recently. Have you? The reality is that a dysfunctional family is exactly the opposite of that, a functional family.

Am I wrong on this one?

PS- I wanted to use a photo from awkwardfamilyphotos.com. But I was afraid that one of my readers would be in the photo! Wishful thinking, maybe, but how awkward would that be?


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