Craving a Book Buy

I love books, and I read a lot of them (Duh, hence the blog), but I don’t get to keep a lot of them. I usually borrow books from friends, use the library (What a concept!), or read them on my nook (That still costs money, but less, and uses less paper.)

Last week, I went to a different Barnes and Noble, and I just wanted to buy a few books that had just been recommended to me. Even though I wanted to, I didn’t. I wanted my store to get the sale, because that filters back to me in terms of hours. Oh, the world of retail. I took a very long time thinking about what books I wanted, and decided that it was ok to splurge just a teeny tiny bit.

Yesterday, feeling prepared, I twisted E’s mom’s arm (not very hard) to go to the book store with me. And it was heavenly. I had time to browse and look through books at a leisurely pace. It was like eating a donut! Or buying shoes! So good! Want to see what I got?

To continue along on my Paris theme

All these books were recommended to me by good reader friends. I am excited to get started. They’re all authors I haven’t read before, and they all seem interesting and have caught my eye once or twice or fifteen as I’ve run around the book store. It’s always great to get going on a new set of books. Craving satisfied. Any cravings gotten you lately? And know that I am up for recommendations all the time!

And keep a look out for new features on the blog! It might become more user-friendly for those looking to actually read the books I write about. Another great concept.


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