Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend has been a great one. Nothing special has happened, but it’s felt like a real spring weekend.

Yesterday, we walked over to the high school across the street and E gave me a tennis lesson. I’m a pathetic tennis player, but it was fun going out and doing something active (and free!). When I say pathetic, I mean the little Asian kid in the court next to us was distracted by my paltry attempts at getting the ball. When I did hit the ball, it went way out of the way. E was patient, and I did get marginally better. I need a little more practice on the Wii.

I finished the first half, technically second half, of the Star Wars movies. I have to say that I liked how action-packed Return of the Jedi was. Now, I will make an acceptable spouse for E. And how adorable (and slightly creepy) were those Ewoks?

We took advantage of the clouds today and went on a nice 5-mile hike on the Claremont Hills Wilderness Trail. Some of the inclines were tough, but the view was great. And I like the fact that we were once again being active. I did make a deal for an In N’ Out lunch though. We got all domesticated, did some spring cleaning, and put some new decor up on our walls.

I love when we can enjoy the weekends together!


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