Taking on the Classics!

I would like to take a moment to thank the teachers in my life that encouraged good literature. For the most part, I was too busy to actually take the time to get the most out of the literature we read in high school. But I really did like most of the things we read. BF C, 5th Roomie D, and I were at dinner at Disneyland last night (so fun) and of course, our conversation shifted to a reading list. It started with me wishing I had read more Shakespeare. Then, we moved into other books we have or haven’t read.

BF C and I are actually embarking on our Lolita and Reading Lolita in Tehran adventure! We tend to have ambitious reading lists. Like The Iliad. Oh, Homer translated by Robert Fitzgerald.

Don't call a chariot a "car." Just don't.

That was disappointing. Let me just say if you think the big event that you know happened in the Trojan War happened in The Iliad, you are sorely mistaken. Ugh. It took so long to read this epic poem. And there was no epic ending like I thought there would be!

So, in order for us to actually finish Lolita, we plan to take it slowly with happy reading interspersed. We’re going to see how we feel about the first chapter, and proceed from there. Mostly because BF C and I are kind of chicken, and the graphic subject matter may be more than we can handle. I will be blogging about our adventure as well. If you would like to join us, we will be reading from the version pictured below. So, stay tuned. And I will get the list we compiled from BF C, and post it soon.

Published by Vintage, ISBN: 978-0679723165


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