Women are Funny

And not in a bad way, like “This cheese smells funny.” In a good way, like “Ohmigosh, that movie was so funny!” That movie was probably written by, or probably starred, Tina Fey.

This book is hilarious and gives me twenty-five new reasons to love Tina Fey! I have been a fan of 30 Rock for a long time now, and was so excited to see that she was writing a book.

The book reads as a collection of essays in a somewhat chronological order of her life, but a couple of times she inserts a story about a teenage party or about her ill-fated honeymoon with her husband. She never talks about meeting or falling in love with her husband, but we gather from this story that they met, fell in love, got married, and ended up on a cruise.

Mostly, Fey lets us in on the world of sketch comedy writing and the frenzy that can be Saturday Night Live, and what it’s like to be a woman in a boy’s playground of comedians. But she doesn’t have a deep-seated need/ambition to prove herself, just ambition to write something funny and to collaborate with other writers to continue with comedy. And this is a testament to her parents and the loving environment she grew up in. Not some weird Lifetime melodrama, just suburban Pennsylvania, with a strong father and nice mother who avoids “the talk” by slipping her daughter a “kit.” (My mom slipped me a book. No discussions afterward.)

She answers some fan mail. That’s pretty good. She gives us the lowdown on those magazine cover shoots. And she tells us the story of getting Oprah on 30 Rock, deciding to return to SNL to portray Sarah Palin, and get her daughter’s birthday party planned and executed all in one weekend! Phew. Are you tired? I am. And she talks about being a working mom that can’t really quit because about 200 other working parents depend on her to keep her job so that they can keep theirs. And don’t offer her an award for being a working mom. She’ll say no.

What?! TWO funny women?

In all honesty, Fey’s book is hilarious, but I feel like it’s geared more toward women than men. Which works for me, because I am a woman. I’m not particularly funny, but Tina’s got that covered. Someone might believe we only need one funny lady, so I’m out of luck.

Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered about her scar, the legitimate story behind it kind of makes her a badass, in my opinion.


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