Four Months In

How are we almost into the second third of 2011? I know the year is normally broken into four seasons, but I hardly call what SoCal weather has been doing seasonal. I mean, how can you follow a 90 degree weekend with a rainy day? And then, a relatively good 75 degree day, again followed by rain? I’m confused! Stop it. Be 75 degrees and sunny for one week straight please.

Ok, then. Thanks.

Ok, done with my weather rant. Am I the only person that thinks about time passing in terms of holidays? I guess that’s because I work in retail and I’m overwhelmed with the marketing of holidays and sales goals related to them. But I really love holidays. I love writing cards and showing a little appreciation for the people in my life. So, Easter is this Sunday (!!!), and I stuck pretty well to my Lenten goals. I did crossword puzzles, read a lot (which is normal), and stayed off the computer for a significant portion of my day. Also, I did work with Jillian Michaels on some yoga. I still have a long way to go in terms of that, but I want to keep doing it.

The world is working in mysterious ways right now in terms of my job hunt, and I am just praying that these last couple of opportunities work out somehow. I need them to. I’m seriously considering graduate school, and while that’s not a bad thing, I can’t really afford to put off everything for school at this moment (mostly student loan payments and the wedding). It’s finals week at my alma mater, and that idea is jarring. I have been struggling for employment for almost one year. That’s kind of hard to swallow. I know I’m a great candidate for the two big things I’ve applied for recently. I just need someone else to see that. Someone who hires.

A good friend of mine is going through a thorough interview process right now, and we were discussing how he felt. He said that he didn’t want to get his hopes up, which is what I’m always telling myself. But his mom told him to just hope and just believe that he is the exact right person for the job, and it’s better to build yourself up before an interview than to go meekly in thinking you might not get it. Even if you fall hard and the depression lasts a couple of months, you’ll know you did your absolute best. What a great way of thinking. I just need to go for it.

How have the last four months treated you? What are you hoping to accomplish this year? How do you deal with being so up in the air at every moment?


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