To Improve Myself?

I cannot read self-help books. I read books to escape life. Not to face all the problems that I have in mine. Plus, I feel like I read several blogs and analyze myself often enough. I tried to read this one self help book, and I couldn’t get past the intro, even though I love the author and her work. I couldn’t get through it. Self help books are not for me. I am a pro-active person. I know my shortcomings. I know that thinking positively is better for everything in general. But, I can’t read a book about it. I would rather get lost in someone’s fictional problems and compare them with my life than try to figure out my own? Denial? Maybe. But if I spend so much of my day facing myself and my problems, then why read a book about it? Reading is an enjoyable part of my day, and trying to give myself therapy won’t be that enjoyable. BTW, the diet and self-improvement sections are crammed full in our store. So many ways to tell someone how to live life better.


There is nothing wrong with liking self-help books. More power to the person that finds them helpful! I’m glad they work for you, and I hope your life is much more enriched because of them. Maybe, one day I will need one. But right now, I can’t seem to get into them, and will stick to what works for me: Exercise, ice cream, a good read, the occasional shopping trip, wedding planning, laughing with the FH, and a job that I like.


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