Things are Looking Up!

I have been a terrible blogger. I know. Don’t look at me that way. However, maybe, you’ll forgive me after this news:

I got a job! A full-time, big girl job! Remember when that was a New Year’s Resolution? Remember when I was feeling down on myself and wondering/hoping when someone would discover my blog, offer me a book deal, and have Frieda Pinto play me in a movie just so I could have some kind of income? (Oh. I didn’t tell you about that? Never mind.)

The job is not what I expected I would be doing, but something I see myself doing well in. It’s located just around the corner from Barnes and Noble, and since most big-girl jobs hold a regular set of hours, I can stay there. I can still keep my book blog going. All good things!

Thanks for being my constant supporters. You got me through the angst of the job search, and made me feel more productive. I can’t wait to start, and work on honing my administrative skills. I won’t stop reading, or blogging about it. In fact, I finished a book this week! Getting over my book ADD. Things are certainly looking up!


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