A post from the car on the smartphone

Hi friends!

I am alive and well, and about to start my new job tomorrow. I am pretty darn excited and Memorial Day sales definitely helped me boost my business professional wardrobe. So, I feel ready and raring to go.
I have finished two books since we last spoke, and although, I wasn’t supposed to start a new one, I totally did. Oops. :/

All these books fall into a specific genre: the memoir. Not whole life stories, per se, but snippets of people’s lives. People who decided to do something different for a year or two. I guess I am into this because I still hold on to hope for a “Julie and Julia” thing to happen in my life. Also, I really like that they’re mostly easy reads with funny, real-life situations. I find it quite brave, actually.

This past year has been a struggle, and I’m finally making my way out of it. Blogging has been one key to helping me survive, and I really can’t wait to keep going with it. It may not stay just a book blog. I will try to branch out with ideas I’ve gotten from other bloggers I follow. But I can’t say how regularly I’ll be blogging. I am currently blogging from my iPhone in my car waiting for my sister. And I may do so more often so that I can keep in touch.

For those of you who blog and keep full-time jobs, how do you stay motivated? Do you keep a routine? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Wish me luck tomorrow! Until next time, eat a cupcake. 🙂


2 responses

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say I came across your blog as I was looking at the homepage of WordPress. I think it’s admirable that you want to simplify your life through writing about your life. And, I already think your “mundane” life is interesting! There’s something very engaging about someone who spills their life: the good, the bad, the funny, the boring. Anyways, I will read your posts. I can also relate to the job thing. I am working full time, finishing my MBA at a private university, have a small e-commerce business, and recently engaged. You will not regret detailing your life. I wish I could make regular time to start journaling again, just because i LOVE LOVE LOVE going back years later and reading them. Especially because I know I will never again experience those things and often our memories keep very poor recollections of events. I sometimes fall in love with the most simple boring events I chronicled…had I not written them down they would be lost to the world. So, I’m listening, girl! You’ve also inspired me to do something whether it’s a journal, a blog, or a memoir 🙂

    • Thank you for reading! I hope you can find your medium to unload some thoughts. It is very helpful, and as a history major, I can attest to the importance of journaling and blogging. You are much busier than I am, so maybe it will be therapeutic to give yourself ten minutes each day to just let it all out. No particular composition, no obligation to style, just your ten minutes of daily thoughts, and see where it goes. Happy chronicling!

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