My Hometown Vacay: Part 1

As I mentioned last time, I had a little vacation between jobs. Like a real vacation that I chose to give myself. I stayed home mostly, but that didn’t stop me from packing my days. What did I do on this vacation? Well, since you asked (You know you did.), here are the first few things I did:

Full disclosure: I can’t remember where my camera is, so the few personal photos I do have are from my iPhone. 

1. Mani/Pedi – Love this summer treat. My fingernails look great! And my toes are a cute color. Winning.

2. The Civil Wars concert with my cuzister- Ummmmm, LOVE. I have never been to a show where I could feel the joy radiating from the stage. And the female portion of the duo is named Joy, so that’s appropriate. If you like the music from Once, or you like folksy singer/songwriters, or you appreciate good music, check them out. I love them. Also, I now love the Largo because they don’t allow cell phones in the venue, and they’re tiny so you get a great experience with the performer, but you still get a seat in theatre seating. Perfection.

The Civil Wars

3. Sonos concert with Redlands friends- We are a cappella nerds. I was in two a cappella groups in college with my friends, and the guys had a great group too. Sonos is a mixed local group of 5. They are pretty darn awesome with a great beatboxer, and amazing control and blend. I first heard them perform “Gravity” with Sara Bareilles at her concert. They performed a mix of their original songs and great covers. Their version of “Toxic” by Britney Spears made me so giddy. Also, I liked how small the Hotel Cafe was. Luckily, for us, we were there specifically for Sonos, so we grabbed the front tables and were VERY close to the stage. I kind of wish there was more separation between the tables and the bar. Also, there could have been a couple more tables.

4. Bethenny Frankel- I don’t care what anyone says about reality TV. She is fabulous! And she did a book signing at the Grove Barnes and Noble. I trekked down with some BN friends, and we waited patiently (or not so patiently) for Bethenny. Of course, 1000 people came out so she couldn’t do personal photos or personalization, but she was so sweet and spoke with everyone. She is SKINNY. Her brand name is fitting. I kind of got starstruck, and just said “Thank you so much” 3 times.


5. Melted in the Redlands heat- I love Redlands, but not really in the summer time. 100+ days were kind of rough. I was only there for a couple of days and the company of my friends, puppies, and ice cream trips made the heat bearable.

You thought that was it? I have some funny stories to tell you coming up next time!


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