A Series of Unfortunate Events

Apparently, I was born under all the conditions to be a lucky child. My birthdate suggests lots of luck in Islam. I have a birthmark right in the middle of my eyebrows that my dad always said was lucky. Well, I rode that lucky train for a long time. And I even feel that I still have a certain amount of good luck in my life. But somehow, in some way, the stars do not align for me when it comes to automobiles.

Just for an example, I’ll let you know how last summer went for me. In the week before finals, I decided to go to Target. As I was almost done pulling out of my parking spot (with full right of way), a truck backed straight out into my passenger side door. I had seen the two guys get into the car while I was backing out, so it was pretty clear to me that the driver took no time to check if he was clear before smashing my passenger door. Luckily, I was not at fault for this accident. I had to duct tape the gap because of potential rain, and if you wanted a ride in my car until school ended, you had the choice of sitting in the back or climbing in through the driver’s side. My car looked awful for two months before my dad found a replacement door at the junkyard.

You thought that was bad? Two weeks after getting my door fixed, I started a new job in a new area. As I was driving to meet E and his parents for a furniture shopping trip, I made a protected left turn. I was the second car in line, which totally validates my bad luck with cars. I was perpendicular to the street I was turning from when I heard screeching tires and saw a loaded pickup truck coming towards me. Not two seconds later was I facing the opposite corner. Thankfully, this guy totally admitted fault and there were several witnesses. But come on! People were totally at a standstill at the red light, and you didn’t notice? How? Loaded pickup truck meets little Corolla = totaled Corolla. Poor thing just got its door fixed, and there it was all totaled with the bumper hanging off the right side. And there I was shaken, stressed out, and left alone waiting for E to come rescue me.

Thankfully, since that accident, I have gotten a new car just like my old one but without the bad luck vibes. I hesitate to say it’s completely devoid of problems. On my mini vacation up to San Luis Obispo, as BF C and I were leaving her sister’s house with the car loaded up and the puppies happily sitting in the back seat, I went to close the trunk, and it wouldn’t shut! We all tried maneuvering things around, attempting to shut it, and nothing worked! We decided to duct tape the trunk down and remove all valuables from the trunk. It was pretty hilarious! Thanks, R  for running out to get more duct tape! I owe you one!

After each accident I’m in, I resolve to not get into an accident for a whole year. Duct taping my trunk down does not count! After a year passes, I resolve for one year more. Now that I’m taking the train, I have taken myself out of driving situations for 71% of my week. This should help. I don’t drive without duct tape anymore, and I’m pretty sure E never wants to share an automobile insurance plan. And, you know what? I don’t really blame him. So, pray for me people. And send me good energy vibes. And keep your fingers crossed. And any other manner of things that invoke good luck. I need it!


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    • Bailey, thanks for the reassurance! I love the train. I like that I can read or sleep, and that I don’t have to worry about traffic. I also enjoy the hour of quiet time and anonymity before getting home. I get to destress and process my day before I talk to anyone. It’s great. And it’s pretty cost-friendly, too, for the distance I travel daily. I highly recommend it for traveling high-traffic routes.

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