Brain Dump

I could talk about so many things, but I don’t have time to devote a post to each random thought. So, it’s time for a brain dump.

1. Work is great, but the commute (even on the train) is exhausting. Trying to make time in my day to exercise is a very difficult thing.

2. I have great friends. E and I went out for our good friend from high school’s birthday. Of course, because our friend is one of the best, most of our core friends came out. Imagine that. Former straight-laced choir kids were the biggest group in the bar – in Canyon Country. I love my friends, and the other E in my life, bestie from high school, was down from the northern part of our state, which made the whole thing even better.

3. The wedding is not really a big focus for me right now. I need to focus on the new job, the move, and sleep. In a two-year engagement, the excitement comes in waves.

4. Lolita is such a challenging read.

5. I feel the need for electronics upgrades. Particularly a new notebook. Or an iPad. And the Easy Touch nook. And the new iPhone. Does anyone have any idea of when that is coming out? Details, please!

6. I tear up every time I see Remember the Titans. Can you guess what’s on TV right now? Yeah.

7. So You Think You Can Dance makes my summer a very exciting event.

8. Any summer movies I should go see? And if you say Harry Potter, I will be offended that you think I haven’t already seen that.

9. Thank God for Pottermore. I can’t wait!

10. I hope to have a two-year minimum stay at our next living arrangement. Moving is just too much.

DUMPED. Off to a weekend of errand-running and sleeping. Grown-up life is a little ridiculous.



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