Ice Cream Heals

Work was kind of crazy this week. I mean, crazy in the sense of the work I had to do, crazy in lots of hubbub, and crazy in learning that even the smartest people have trouble following directions. But it was also pretty bad yesterday because a balloon arch was left in the hallway next to the office. What?! I, with my hysterical hatred of balloons, could not handle this much. Like at all. I pretty much ran past it like a crazy, angry person with my clacky heels every time I had to go through the hallway all while holding my breath. And in my rush, the papers I was clutching would flail around. I looked like I meant BUSINESS. Or that I had a real issue. I did. Balloons!

BUT, there was a fantastic saving grace to the week: ICE CREAM! Three. days. in. a. row.

I didn’t know Cool Haus was coming down on Thursday and Friday. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had that Haagen-Dazs bar on Wednesday. Oops. It was so worth it, though!

On Thursday, I had a snickerdoodle cookie and Nutella toasted almond ice cream sandwich, of which there are no pictures, because that ice cream was delicious! And today, I had strawberry ice cream with chocolate chip cookies. Both were scrumptious, but that Nutella toasted almond ice cream made my taste buds so very happy.

nom nom nom

I’m supposed to be wedding dress shopping tomorrow. But, you know? I kind of needed all of that ice cream. It’s Friday, and I don’t feel like crawling into a hole and crying. Success.


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