Is it the Printer? Or is it Me?

The past week at work, I had a project that involved a lot of printing. Our industrial office printer is definitely temperamental, and few have figured out how to get along with it. I’m one of the lucky ones, simply because I have decided to let the machine be the machine and have not requested anything of it besides printing one sided every once in a blue moon. For smaller projects, I use my desk printer which is more manageable.

a similar machine via

Anyway, the industrial office printer (IOP) does this silly thing where it prints a “burn” page before printing the document. And it doesn’t leave the page blank. It prints the name of the person who ordered the print job. For this particular job, I had to print several separate documents. I couldn’t compile them to print together. So here’s the question: At what point should I have considered convenience over being green?

You see, each file required 2 or 3 documents, which required me to open up the tray before I hit “ok” for each document and loading it with a scrap piece of burn paper. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if IOP was in the same room as my desk, but of course not. In an effort to save paper, I got up to replace the burn sheet for every. single. document. I may have saved the office from wasting approximately one hundred sheets of paper, 20% of a ream. I may have also lost two or more hours of productivity. Which is worse? At what point should I have given up? I’m not the greenest, crunchiest girl, but I try to do my part. Dealing with the IOP might qualify as a big effort for me. A tree out there better be thanking me. Seriously.

I guess the solution would be to just tell the printer to stop doing a burn sheet. But I am scared that might ruin our precarious relationship. Are you letting your office appliances take over your life? What are your green living limitations?


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  1. Found you via Freshly Pressed – I love your writing (and I think giraffes are so cool)! This sounds like something I would do, but a coworker of mine takes a bunch of used, nearly-blank sheets of paper (or paper that has only been used on one side) and staples or tapes them together into a make-shift notebook. Then she uses that for notes instead of the yellow legal pads that the company provides for us. 🙂

    • Thank you for reading more! That sounds like a good idea, but maybe I should just keep doing what i’m doing because i already have a devoted office notebook? But I will keep this is mind, for sure!

  2. Perhaps you could have used the burn sheets to bulk up your scrap paper collection instead? Sometimes when dealing with the temperamental equipment in the office (especially if it is older equipment) you just have to let go of being environmentally conscious.

  3. I would try to reprogramme the printer to not give out blank sheets, so its done once and for all. But then I have three printers to choose from, should one of them hate me.

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