What’s that you say? Freshly Pressed?

*Written on Friday evening, after a whirlwind day of reading and processing all of your great comments!

Today was a big day for me. My post about giraffes was Freshly Pressed! I didn’t know it had been FP’d until my inbox was flooded with a long list of WordPress emails. My first thought was that I got spammed. And I went directly to my Dashboard and was so confused that the virtually abysmal horizontal line of stats was even smaller because on the very right was a pillar tottering above 200. I immediately checked my stats to see who was linking my lowly lifestyle/book blog, and lo and behold, it was WordPress. My giraffe post was hanging out right at the bottom of the home page!


I was really surprised and kind of proud of myself. I had written something people related to and found funny. And what’s even funnier is that writing that post got nothing out of my giraffe-loving system. I have been searching more and more for cute giraffe things, especially with my new love of Pinterest.

I'm going to have to ask Artsy Sandra for these! image via http://www.etsy.com

And I am savoring the moment. Tomorrow, or even tonight, my post will be rotated off the page, but today, I was a featured blogger. I may not write on a regular basis or have a big following, but I think really hard about all my posts, and I want to be an accessible writer. I feel honored that somebody on the WordPress team decided to share my blog. Tomorrow, I may go back to lower numbers, but today’s surge hugely multiplied my readership. And it also encourages me to keep writing. I always love that my friends and my family are so supportive of my work, but it’s nice to be read by people who don’t know me. A little more than 5! Haha! Thank you all for reading and commenting! I feel like I’ve been hugged by the blogging community.

Big hugs from my ADORABLE niece!

Who knows where this will go? Translate more readers to my wedding blog? More book reviews? More lifestyle? Perhaps this will give me the energy to apply for Weddingbee? Yes to all those things. And, you know? I don’t really mind becoming The Giraffe Lady. Within reason, of course. Those beautiful giraffes got me freshly pressed!

My current giraffe loves. They're ready for more friends! *personal photo


15 responses

  1. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! I rarely read the FP page, but I saw giraffes and just had to click. I loved your post, and the few others that I’ve read so I’ll be coming back again!

  2. Hello there, Ayesha! Like the others, I also found your blog via Freshly Pressed! Great job and Congratulations! Keep on blogging! Who knows, you might be featured again and touch other lives again! 😉
    more power


  3. It was the giraffes that got me. That and of course being Freshly pressed. Then some how my [ADD/ADHD or whatever] kicked in and I found myself reading your post on the 10 year marking of 9/11. You write beautifully– so smooth– your words go down easily. Plus your blog is elegant, clean and nice to my eyes. Keep up the good work.


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