Vlad, You’re Killing Me!

Ugh! Lolita has become the bane of my existence. BF Fermata (I will explain the nickname later.) finished the book two months ago. And lent it to someone who finished it last week! I am such a loser. But I will tell you that BF Fermata never quits. She always does what she sets out to do, which makes her amazing. But it also makes me feel like a total under-achiever, and I blame her (not at all) for getting me into this hateful relationship with everything that has to do with Lolita. I mean it. Humbert, Nabakov, Lolita, all of them! I will not lie when I say that I momentarily “lost” the book and found it on the floor in the back seat of my car. That is where things go to die, but I rescued it. It is now sitting on my unpacked desk, with its bookmark gleefully hanging out reminding me how much I have left to read.

image via bn.com

The weird thing is that I actually kind of like the book. Or, at least, I find it interesting. I go through spurts with it. I pick it up. I struggle through a couple of pages, and then, I get into a groove. After an hour, I think I’ve gone pretty far, and guess how many pages I’ve gone through? 12! 12 damn pages. And I promptly decide not to try again until I next feel like (cue Jeopardy theme). I will never finish this book. But I will, eventually. By Christmas? No, Thanksgiving. Let’s say Thanksgiving. And then, and only then, will I discuss its brilliance. So, there.


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  1. I’ve always been tempted to read Lolita, but been put off by a bad experience with Russian literature… War and Peace. A favourite of many, I got an inch into it and got so confused I gave up. Although! Have you tried The Master and Magherita? It’s amaaaazing.
    I look forward to finding out how you get on with Lolita 🙂 (As a Brit, I have no idea when Thanksgiving is, and so I’m left in suspense!)

  2. Just wanted to say that I love reading through your blog. I love books almost as much as you do and I try my best to review them on my blog but I never seem to keep to it. To date, I’ve only got 5 reviews it seems! In any which case, your blog serves as a great inspiration for me to just keep trying and working on the reviews.

    Keep writing!

  3. Well I know this doesn’t relate to this particular post – but I just wanted to comment and say that the other day I went to an animal park and I fed a giraffe!! I thought of your blog at the time haha x

    • What does feed a giraffe have to do with the book?

      …Unless the giraffe is a metaphor for inappropriate relationships and feeding it was a metaphor for lust… in which case, you’re a genius.

      • Yes it was a reference to the Freshly Pressed post, and I did mention that my comment was unrelated to the blog post. However, I am willing to accept the title of genius if that is better for everyone haha.

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