Meet My Friends With Awesome Blog Nicknames

Being a lifestyle blogger can be difficult at times because I want to talk about fun things we do with friends, but it can be hard to keep everyone’s identities safe. I mean, the Internet is a scary place. I was trying to write about my birthday in a post, and it was reading like alphabet soup with all the initials I was trying to use. So ridiculous. In the interest of being able to write fun stories, and to keep things lighthearted, I am going to introduce you to the people in my life by giving them fun nicknames. You want to meet them?

You already know E. He will remain E.

E and Tango after some great wine tasting; personal photo

Now, meet the besties from left to right: Fermata, Super Llama, and Dr. Impulse.

At our awesome joint graduation lunch; personal photo

BF Fermata is my bestest. She is the maid of honor in our wedding. And she is also a choir director, which is why I named her Fermata, because when you see a fermata, you should, if you aren’t already, look at the conductor. Also, because fermata means “hold” and she gives great hugs!

BF Super Llama is pretty freaking super. She was my first friend at Redlands, and taught me an awesome llama funny song. She is also a choir director who learned the llama song from her students when she was student teaching. She is funnier than a cartoon character and is super talented. She is making us a quilt for our guest book! We brainstormed some names together, but as soon as Super Llama got into my head, I couldn’t get rid of it. Thanks Super Llama for allowing me to call you by this name!

And lastly, BF Dr. Impulse is brilliant. She is going to be an awesome doctor one day (very soon!). She is also great at coming up with fun things to do on a moment’s notice. And she actually does them! Like throwing a Murder Mystery Dinner Party, or getting one of the four cutest dogs I know, or throwing moldy tortillas on your car. Ok, that last one may not have been fun for me (I thought it was hazing), but she had a lot of fun!

I love my friends, and I am pretty excited to share all of our fun times with you. Thanks for hanging with us!

Do you protect your friends’ identities by giving them fun names? Are their monikers as convoluted as mine?


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