My Unstable Relationship with a High-End Retailer

My goal for a better part of the year has been to get a grown-up big girl nice purse for everyday use: leather, preferably a tote or crossbody satchel, a good color, big enough to fit my wallet, phone, keys, pen, nook or book, mints, and camera every once in a while. I also want it to have a cute lining that doesn’t hide the things I need to find. I don’t want it to be bulging at the seams, but I don’t want it to be too big either. I mean it when I say I have seriously thought about this purse for a long time. I also don’t want to spend over $300 on a bag. When I heard about the Kate Spade Sample Sale the week before my birthday, I excitedly checked it out. My birthday would be a perfect time to get this bag.

I fell in love with the Five Points Camille in a gorgeous yellow. I know yellow isn’t necessarily neutral, but I love yellow, and a lot of my clothes go with yellow.

So gorgeous!

I was so excited to get this bag at less than half price from the sample sale. Because the package was set to arrive on my birthday, I had it sent directly to work. So, my birthday came, the package came, and I opened the box only to be greeted by the bag in a metallic gold! I was so disappointed. I called Kate Spade, and they basically treated me like a second-class citizen for buying a bag in a sale, and that I shouldn’t have expected to get the right color. I was so upset that I demanded they pay the return shipping and take the bag back. Of course, they had sold out of the yellow one. So, no bag for me.

And then, I gave up my search on the Five Points Camille in my price range, and decided I should continue my bag search elsewhere. But I couldn’t buy another bag because my refund hadn’t gone through yet after two weeks. So, you think that was bad? Just wait. This story is to be continued. DUN DUN DUN!


8 responses

  1. I am totally with you on this. I can’t bring myself to buy a REALLY expensive bag, though I have expensive taste in quality because the bags I end up ‘fondling’ always seem to come with sticker shock! so I end up going to TJ MAXX to scrounge around for ‘deals’. ha! Can’t wait to see what you ended up with.

  2. I can’t stand bad customer service!! And snotty people who think they are ‘upmarket’ because they work at places which offer terrible customer service! I await the conclusion of this story, although I’m unsure that it can get any worse. I hope you have success in finding the perfect bag. x

  3. So frustrating! To be honest, I do my purse-shopping at Kohl’s. It may not be high-end, but I can afford it, and I always find something I like. (And I found the perfect one with a pocket just the right size for my nook!)

    Best of luck!

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