And They Got Me Again!

So, I know you all thought it was pretty bad that Kate Spade sent me the wrong bag and pretty much did nothing about it. Well, three weeks later, I got bitten by the bug again. And I really should have treated the damn thing like forbidden fruit and never looked back. But look at it!

The Vanston Maryclare in black; image via

Just a beautiful basic tote. I’m all about things that never go out of style. Black is my number one color, timeless is my fashion attitude. Here it is! In one beautiful bag. On sale. Have to have it. But remember what happened last time? Ooooo, look at the bag in tan! Equally beautiful. Equally timeless. If they mess up the color, I’m still going to love it. No problem.

image via

Now, this part is kind of my fault. I had it shipped to my home. I didn’t want to take advantage of my workplace by having packages sent there, so I sent it home. The delivery date was set to a day when E is home from school. So, no worries. There wasn’t an option to ask for a signature upon signing. I assumed because of the high quality item, a signature would be required upon delivery. I mean, Target asks if you want to require a signature for shipments. Target! Do you see where this is going?

The package came a day early, when E is in school all day. And I don’t get home until 7. In the time between 3:31 and E getting home around 6:30, someone had taken my box off of our doorstep! Oh, fury does not even begin to describe it, you guys. I was fuming mad. Like to the point where E had to tell me to calm down. I think he was scared. I went and politely asked our neighbors if anyone had seen a box on our doorstep. Nope, nothing. Rage and fury were boiling within me, like to the point where I worked out. That bad. It was so upsetting. Actually, it still is, but I have mostly calmed down.

Like, I said. Mostly calmed down. image via

I called UPS. They told me to call Kate Spade. I first reminded (politely gritted my teeth to keep from yelling) Kate Spade about my refund from their first mistake that had yet to go through. Then, I told them about this problem. They “launched an investigation” that could take anywhere from seven to fifteen days. And nothing will happen until the investigation is over. And in that time, the bag I want has sold out, and the refund will take another five thousand years, and I get an order from Target that has everything done correctly and they asked for my signature. It’s been a week and I have yet to hear anything.

My perfect bag is for sure not coming from Kate Spade. In fact, I will likely never buy anything from them again. EVER. And I told them that too. And they offered me a coupon for 20% off a regular priced item. As if I have enough money for a regular priced item, and like i would be treated better if I just bought that. I have yet to receive one coupon of the three promised. Not that I want to use it. I just want to print it out and burn it. You know, for self satisfaction. I am telling you guys. This is rage.

Have you had trouble with people stealing from you? How about bad customer service in your life?


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  1. Oh my gosh, it truly did get worse. I CANNOT believe somebody stole it, what the hell! And no signature is ridiculous, especially since their stuff is so highly priced, you would think they’d realise that “ooh if we leave this on a doorstep someone may steal it”. I’m so sorry about your bag situation, what an absolutely nightmare.

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