It’s a Whodunit!

I don’t know what your plans are for a fun Halloween activity, but if you are looking for one, you should totally try getting a Murder Mystery Dinner Party together! These mystery games are available online with all the materials available to print out and a helpful guide for each character. You can choose a party based on how many guests you know are coming, which is why the event may take planning ahead of time. I was lucky enough to participate in one hosted by Dr. Impulse and Fermata. All I had to do was RSVP, print out my character description and semi-look like my character. Our theme was a 1920s Speakeasy gangster murder, and I was very impressed with the caliber of costumes and of acting by my friends.

First crime scene! Murder of "Big Jim"


I was thoroughly impressed by both Dr. Impulse's and E's performances


The best hat and the best little prince of a dog!

Costume fail. I was supposed to look beat-up, which a full day of work, Friday traffic, psoriasis, and a fake black eye can do to you. Fermata looked adorable as always! Crown optional.

I played the young jazz singer married to a mean husband. He was the main victim of the murder mystery, so he didn’t bother me for too long. But, all the other women in his life made it really hard for me to live without him. His ex-wife (Fermata), his mother, and his daughter all had it out for me, calling me a Gold Digger and other terrible things, and all I did was fake cry for my husband. I am a terrible actress. But I didn’t commit the murder! Think Legally Blonde for this one, you guys.

We had so much fun once the ball got rolling, and it was fun to see everyone scheming and acting their parts. I highly recommend this activity. It does not only have to be a Halloween thing. Just pick a night your friends can get together and do it! Costumes, accents, and a game. What could be better for a party? Thanks for throwing the party Dr. Impulse and Fermata! It was a blast.



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  1. Hmm, sounds very tempting… a fun filled evening of whodunit mystery.. I especially loved the costumes, and the fact that everyone made an effort to dress up the part! Yep, think I’ll go make a list of possible suspects and invite them over…. 😉

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