The World is Trying to Tell Me Something

On Saturday, E’s computer crashed.

The spinning pinwheel of death! image via

Today, my phone can’t decide if it wants to receive a signal or not (usually not). And before you all go blaming AT&T, my cousin who also has AT&T had service in all the same exact places I did not. And when I had service, it was full bars. And I reset my phone. I think the receiver is sadly confused.

image via

Tonight, my external hard drive’s power adapter has gone missing, and E is leading my computer to the same graveyard as his computer with 17 windows open and a video running.

I think the world is trying to tell me to disconnect and read a book… Or to get a new iPhone. Both options sound pretty great to me.

Oooh, so shiny. Image via

Oh, the woes of a digitally dependent human being and her digitally destructive fiance. At least, we still have power…for the time being.


2 responses

  1. I agree, we spend far too much time on the web instead of just reading a book, sitting in a comfy armchair, the old fashioned way! The gods have spoken.. 😉

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