Um. Halloween Was Yesterday…

That doesn’t mean I can’t show you pictures, right?

Minnie Mouse and the Invisible Man; personal photo

E wrapped his head himself in ten minutes! He couldn’t eat or drink. But he was able to converse and scare quite a few people, I think.

Note the shoes. I love these shoes!; personal cell phone photo (sorry)

This costume cost me $3 for ribbon! I already owned everything else. We went to a mellow party, and then we headed over to a non-costumed dinner at BF Fermata and Dr. Impulse’s house. E very successfully scared Ava and Doogie. But then, he unwrapped so we could eat a beautiful Sunday meal. We’re pretty pooped out tonight, but we shared a little bit of candy, and think it’s not fair that Halloween can fall on a Monday.

We hope you had a great Halloween! What did you dress up as?


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