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I have long professed that I am not a crafty person, nor am I a wonderful decorator or anything like that. I do like to cook, and I appreciate the cheer that comes with decorating, but homemaking is certainly not my strength. My sister and mother never even let me hang a tree ornament for fear of ruining their beautiful perfect Christmas tree creation. I have become an excellent ornament hook placer. (It was hard to get that sentence to sound innocent.)

Even though I am not a great interior decorator myself, my besties, you may know them as Fermata and Dr. Impulse, have moved into their own place and have created a beautiful living space. They have also started a blog, and I would like to share these two ladies’ talents with you. Please go visit them at Two Dogs, Two Girls, and a Two Bedroom Apartment, or “Two Cubed” for short.

There you will see tips to finding a place for rent, crafts, decorating, and my adorable dog-niece and dog-nephew. You will also learn the true names of my dearest friends, but I will just pretend you never knew that, and continue to call them Fermata and Impulse.

Doogie! The smartest little prince if there ever was one.

Ava! She is my most loving god-dog with the sweetest intentions.

In truth, I have big dreams of decorating my house one day, and I will, with a lot of help from these two girls! Go check it out!


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