Basically a Love Letter to Mindy Kaling

I, along with 1,547,858 other people, follow Mindy Kaling’s witty Twitter account and laugh at Kelly Kapoor’s hilarious one-liners on The Office. When she announced that she was writing Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), all I could do was sit on my hands and wait until the release date was announced so that I could pre-order it right away, and read it all in one day. I did exactly that on Sunday. Seriously she couldn’t have picked a better week to release her book when there was an extra hour provided for reading.

With a title as hilarious and honest as that, how can you even resist it? And now I will launch into the reasons why I think Mindy Kaling and I are soul mates.

1. Mindy is her parents’ number one fan. She openly talks about how much she likes her parents and how much she appreciates them. There is so much literature about how difficult it is to grow up with immigrant parents in America, but I think we can all get over it now. Almost all of us have immigrant parents, and they work hard, damn it. So be happy they immigrated and thank them once in a while that you can eat McDonald’s fries while taking a picture of yourself on your iPhone and driving your safe Japanese brand sedan. Geez.

2. We both like to shop, and to talk about shopping. I might also have my credit card number memorized to make online shopping easier.

3. Her standards for best friendship are high. I bet she meets all her criteria too.

4. The right shade of pink running shoes can make all the difference in running three miles.

5. She is sensitive, but she works hard and is confident in her work, something I would like to work on myself.

6. We both sang in an a cappella group.

7. We both love Breaking Bad.

8. She played Ben Affleck in a play she wrote with her best friend to critical acclaim. That is badass.

9. We both love romantic comedies.

There are many more things on this list, but you have to be willing to read the book. I can’t give it all away. I don’t think you will be able to put it down. And E will kill me for saying this, but he was even reading over my shoulder at some parts laughing. After all, he did introduce me to The Office, and I became aware of all the cool that is Mindy Kaling. There you have it, a book that both you and your boyfriend (fiance/betrothed/husband/whatever) will like.

You’ve got to read it! Mindy, call me! We really could be good friends.





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