Thankful For

1. This guy:

image via Coco McKown Photography

He’s patient, kind, funny, and he loves me at times when both he and I both know I’m being crazy.

2.  All of these people:

3. Including the ones not pictured, especially these girls:

It’s amazing to have a humongous loving family that is supportive, cooks wonderfully, and sings all the time. It’s so great, and even though we’re not all going to be together this year, I am so thankful for them and I miss them.

4. E’s family for welcoming me in and being such a supportive and loving force in my life.

5. These girls, who are the best friends I could ever ask for. They listen to me, make me laugh, and are friends no matter how far apart we are.

6. I am thankful for this being my 101st post, for being Freshly Pressed twice, and for having great readers who take the time to view my random thoughts on a regular basis. You are awesome!

7. A job. It was a hard time when I didn’t have one. And I am now part of an office that I enjoy and feel an essential part of. I really am thankful that I can contribute to our future life together too.

8. All the other blessings in my life that I cannot possibly list. Happy Thanksgiving!



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