Deck the Halls Lightly

I’m sorry to say I fell off the blogging wagon for a couple of weeks. I needed to collect myself and my thoughts and not necessarily share those all with the world. But the holidays are here! I wanted to share a couple of things E and I put up to have some Christmas cheer at home. We only did a little bit of decorating because we won’t be here for the holidays, and we are not ready to invest in a lot of Christmas stuff until we feel a little more settled down.

First, our ornament wreath:

I worked on this wreath over Thanksgiving break after seeing this tutorial on Pinterest. It’s nice to see it and feel a little bit of Christmas cheer after a day of work and a hellish commute. This also gave me a little bit of an “easy crafting” bug. I like it.

Next (and last), our tree:

Confession: Or tree is artificial. I do not find this blasphemous. It was a practical decision that made the most sense to us. It is still pretty, and we can use it next year, too. One day, when we have kids, we’ll probably get a real tree every once in a while, but not today.

E and I truly feel like Christmas is coming, and I am nearly done with presents, and have started wrapping them. To demonstrate how large my family is, I might have to post a picture with all the presents (just from us) under the tree. How have you decorated for the holidays? Are you on top of everything, or will you be banging the doors of Target on Christmas Eve?


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  1. We have put up a gorgeous tree (artificial, a hand-me-down from my parents, much nicer than the Black Friday special we’ve sadly decorated the past two years). I love it because it’s decked with ornaments from both of our childhoods, our single lives, and our life together. I hate it because my daughter thinks it’s hilarious to wrench ornaments off it and fling them around the room. We also have several nativity scenes on display, including a plush / stuffed one that she is actually allowed to fling around.
    I think we are pretty close to ready, although we will be assembling big cardboard bricks on Christmas Eve if we don’t get to it sooner . . .

    • That sounds so nice. E and I decided to go with just red, green, and gold ball ornaments this year. My mother and sister always made a perfectly composed tree, and E’s family has a hodge podge of their childhood ornaments and his mom’s more recent finds. We would like to start our own traditions, and starting fresh seemed the best for both of us this year. I just purchased E’s present which I am very excited about, which brings my “need-to-buy” list down to 2. Yay! Merry Christmas, thanks for reading, and good luck with having your ornaments survive the wrath of a toddler!

  2. I like the simple decorating better. Sometimes it gets too crowded when people feel they need to make every inch of available space special for the holidays.

    And an artificial tree is definitely the way to go. My grandparents often get the real thing, and that is a pain to clean up in January and February. (Seriously, those needles find a way into everything!)


    • Yes, and our apartment is a mess with E in finals, me working full time and commuting for two hours each way, and Christams presents waiting to be wrapped everywhere. It was best to keep our decor high and off the ground.

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