Happy. Healthy. 2012.

I tend to say that I have “goals” for the new year instead of “resolutions,” but Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, has pointed out that goals can be achieved once and forgotten. Resolutions take daily work and consideration and should become a part of your everyday. That really struck a chord with me. 2012 is going to be a BIG year for us, so I want to resolve to do a few more things every day or every week to make our lives better in 2012.

1. Become more financially mindful.– E and I get married this year (5 months from today!), which means we will be completely financially responsible for ourselves after June. Last year, I focused on getting a full-time job, and this year, I will focus on making that full-time job work for us by:

  • Writing down my daily expenditures (or putting them in Quickbooks).
  • Creating a more concrete savings plan and sticking to it.
  • Viewing my budget as a source of happiness. We can afford all of our necessities and then some, so why not be proud of being able to keep our spending in check?
  • Not rewarding myself with mindless shopping.
  • Shopping for food in a smarter way.

2. Clear up the clutter.– I am bad at putting things away. Stuff lives in my car. The wedding crafts and paperwork are taking over our apartment. Prescription boxes don’t have a home. I resolve to give 15 minutes every night to making sure everything is back in its home. I resolve to get a dresser drawer and use it. I resolve to do laundry more often so that I have less to fold every time, and the clothes immediately get put away in our dresser. Ask E for help with this goal. The clutter affects his mood, too.

3. Read more and enjoy reading.– I love to read, and I didn’t give enough time to it in the second half of last year. I resolve to stop reading books that I don’t like. There is not enough time in my life to push through a book I don’t like when I could be reading something that brings me so much more happiness. I have also found that when I am reading a book I don’t like, I get put off so much that I stop reading entirely. That is not worth it. I resolve to carve out at least one half hour of reading time daily.

4. Blog better.– I love blogging and I want to give more time to it. I want to become a blogger that people talk about. And I still want to be a Weddingbee. I resolve to write down my thoughts when I have them, so that when I blog, I have several drafts already thought out. I resolve to get back on a regular posting schedule and stay with it. I resolve to comment more. I resolve to invest financially in my blog, and learn more about how to make it what I want it to be.

5. Exercise better. Eat better. Live healthier.– I resolve to always work out on Monday. The other days will follow. I resolve to bring lunch to work 4 out of 5 days a week. I resolve to walk for 10 minutes every day. I resolve to use my Crock Pot to our advantage, and have at least 3 dinners prepped or thought out on Sunday.

6. *Personal Resolution*
7. Say “yes” more to things/activities that will make me happy. And “no” more to things/activities that don’t.- To take from Rubin, “Be Ayesha.”
8. Help E with his resolutions when he needs it.– I resolve not to force my resolutions and goals upon E. I resolve to help him achieve his goals, but not to deter him by nagging him if I feel he is not working toward them himself. They are his goals and resolutions, and I can only help if he wants help.
So, there you have it. 2012 is going to be one great year. I have so much to look forward to, and so much that is unknown. This year is going to be filled with family, friends, and surrounding love. I want to be present and mindful for all of it.
What are your resolutions? Do we have any in common? I hope 2012 is your year, as I am pretty sure it will be mine.

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9 responses

  1. Love this! I just finished The Happiness Project yesterday and I’m really excited to get started on my project. I haven’t come up with my resolutions yet, but I’m working on it! (That’s a goal, not a resolution – that’s something that struck a chord with me too!!) Hopefully you, me, Caitlin, and Dev can all support each other with our resolutions 🙂

    • Yes! I rushed to finish it so that I could start on my own. I realized that I need to print out this list and keep it in places to remind me. I need the “gold stars” like Gretchen did. I am excited to read your list, and it will be fun to keep each other accountable! Good luck!

  2. Totally love your list. Especially #3. See “Books and My Attention Span”…one of my earlier blog posts. Lately I seem to get distracted when it comes to reading. Why is that? Especially when there are so many great books out there right now. I’m really feeling you on the clutter list. I have a corner in my bedroom that has a large wicker basket for books, mags, newspapers and whatnots. It was so full and overflowing that I forgot there was a basket there. My room had become so cluttered I couldn’t breathe. What is it with creative folks and our clutter? No. 5 is a constant on my list. Not sure why I don’t move more. Lazy. There. I said it. But, I’m doing a little bit at a time and i’m not getting mad at myself for not clearing off a space on the bathroom counter.

    Here’s wishing you well on your list…I’m working on one of my one and hope to be somewhat successful.

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  5. We do have some in common. Living not necessarily thriftily, but responsibly is definitely in my year plan, if only because it has to be. I like your sentence about shopping smarter for food, and can only add, “Bless Costco” (and other bulk-selling places). I also have big goals for blogging this year, with my own, reading others, and guest blogging at others. So far it is going pretty good. I just know that I used to be happiest when I was biking, and that still makes me happy, but lately I find that I am happiest when I’m writing. So I want to write. And I’m glad you do too.

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