My Internet Friend

Being a part of a web community is pretty cool. I love blogging, tweeting, and pinning because it gives me an opportunity to share experiences with people I see rarely or may never meet. Recently, I have developed a very good friendship with Rachel, BF Fermata’s sister. She is the author of two blogs that are worth checking out: rachelhelen and Rachel’s Pursuit of Happiness.

Rachel and I have met a few times before, and since we share a very important person in both of our lives, I often hear about her, and she sometimes hears about me from Fermata (Caitlin). Once I started following her on Twitter, I felt that we shared a pretty cool connection and similar thoughts on the world around us. So, we tweeted back and forth, and followed each other’s blogs, and voila (!), a true friendship was born.

I think you should read Rachel’s blogs because she is an insightful writer with a forward writing style, and has good stories to tell. She is also a big tweeter, and often provides links to thought-provoking articles and fun videos. She was a journalism major in college, so she knows how to deliver information well, and does so better than I do with all my babbling. I hope you go take a look at Rachel’s blogs, and realize, much like I did, how cool she is.

See you soon, Rach! In real life, or on Twitter. Hehe.



One response

  1. aaaah yay! Thank you for the shout out! I absolutely love that we have this connection 🙂 It always makes blogging/tweeting so much fun when you know that somebody important to you is reading it. I hope to see you soon (in person), but until then, I’ll catch you on the interweb 😉

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