Why You Should Train for a Half Marathon

Alternately titled: How I Landed Myself in the ER on Monday night.

Remember how I mentioned that my breathing was kind of weird on Sunday after the half? Well, on Monday, my breathing was still slightly weird, but I had developed a sore throat and a wheeze. And the wheezing never really stopped. It wasn’t until Monday night when I couldn’t sleep (a very rare occurrence, especially nowadays) because I was so focused on breathing that I sought out medical attention.

Attention from these guys, I wish! image via fanforum.com

Well, we don’t have any 24-hour Urgent Care facilities near us. So the only place to go was the ER. While E and I live in a nice little pocket of Claremont, the two Emergency Rooms near us are in fairly low-income areas. There wasn’t a terrible wait to be seen, but there was a terrible wait for treatment. There were lots of families with babies who take high priority, and a few other people who waited just as long to see someone before me. After receiving a breathing treatment, a diagnosis of asthma, and a prescription for an inhaler, I felt significantly better. I owe E a big one for going out with me that night after a full day of school and another ahead of him.

Don’t worry, I’m fine. I had never had asthma before, but some of my family members have. And the inhaler is only temporary until I get back to breathing normally. The moral of the story is: You can push yourself too hard, and I am lucky what I got is fairly manageable. I should have trained more effectively, and I should have practiced breathing better while running. However, I will say that there are only so many things you can predict, and weather is rarely one of them. The week before the race, it poured. The day of the race, it was borderline hot. The dryness was definitely a contributing factor, and I kept myself as hydrated as possible while running. Like I said last time, it can only get better from here!


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